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The Rainham osteopathic Clinic COVID Rules

So you are aware in advance of coming in, we will be wearing PPE as advised by our professional body. This will comprise an apron, face mask and visor if for medical reasons you are unable to wear a face mask. This is not anything to be concerned about, this is our way of ensuring your health and our commitment to your safety.

By the same token, we would also ask you to wear gloves and a mask or face covering when you attend the clinic (unless medically exempt).

To help maintain social distancing and to allow us time to thoroughly disinfect surfaces between appointments, we are allowing additional time between appointments.  We would ask you not to arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time if possible and ring us before coming into the practice.  If you are travelling by car, please wait in your car when you arrive, ring us to let us know you are here and we will ring you back when we are ready for you to come in.

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What Is Osteopathy

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Osteopathy was developed by an American Doctor in the late 1800’s called Andrew Taylor Still. He taught a philosophy of approach which centres on the body being a self healing mechanism. It is the job of the Osteopath to understand what the obstructions to that healing mechanism are and where possible endeavour to remove these obstructions. This is why during your visit the Osteopath they may recommend lifestyle changes such as changes in diet and exercise as well as the manual treatment itself.

A. T. Still taught that the body is a unit therefore one area may be very important on another. This is why often an Osteopath may be examining or treating an area far removed from the area of pain. The Osteopath will explain how these areas are connected so this is fully explained.

A. T. Still taught the rule of the artery is supreme, which means that for health to occur in the body, the fluids must be able to access the cell. This means that oxygen, glucose and a multitude of other molecules can provide each cell what it needs for health. The waste products must also be removed from the cell and this is all achieved through the arteries, veins and lymphatic circulation. Still also said we live in our fascia. What is fascia? Fascia is the tissue which surrounds the muscles and joints. The important fact is that the arteries, veins nerves and lymph glands all sit in the fascia. Therefore when we treat those areas we are aiming to improve the function of the nerves, muscles, ligaments and joints. Through the improvement in the fluid flows in the fascia the body may have profound effects on the overall body function.

registered by the General Osteopathic Council

How Many Times Will I Attend The Clinic?

On average a typical number of visits is 2 to 6 and generally the sooner we see you after the symptoms begin the quicker you will respond, this is however obviously dependent on the diagnosis. It is the policy of this practice that if you do not respond to your treatment we will discuss other alternatives and try to find an approach that may be more suitable for you, or refer you for further tests or investigations if appropriate either through your G.P. or occasionally through private referral. All medical treatment is dependent on the individual’s body. Therefore what may work for one person may not for another. This can occur in complicated cases and the Osteopath may recommend a trial of a treatment which you may then decide to continue if you feel it to be beneficial.

What About Side Effects?

The aim of the treatment is to restore normal function which should have the effect of reducing symptoms. All medical interventions do unfortunately however carry a risk and Osteopathy is no different. Fortunately the side effects related to Osteopathy are usually very mild. Not everybody will have a reaction and typically this lasts less than 48 hours. The reaction often diminishes as the treatment progresses.

Most of Osteopathic treatment has minimal side effects however the most adverse potential side effect of Osteopathic treatment is related to neck manipulation. There is based on anecdotal evidence of an association with neck manipulation and stroke due to the anatomy of the neck arteries at the top of the neck. There has however yet to be a study that shows a direct link to neck manipulation and it is the job of the Osteopath to conduct a thorough case history and examination to identify any warning signs of increased susceptability to this. The possibility of this has been estimated between 1 in 100000 to one in 6 million so therefore a small risk. The Osteopath will discuss any concerns you have if considering this treatment. The Osteopathic profession is currently undertaking widespread research regarding the potential side effects from treatment. As soon as this research is concluded the results will be commented and reported on the website.

Our Osteopaths will endeavour to do their very best to resolve your discomfort and if recommending treatment they will be happy to discuss any usual or associated serious risk with you. Therefore treatment with only be given with informed consent. Although Osteopaths are experts in the application of specific manipulative techniques we would appreciate any preference you have regarding your treatment. If you would like any further information please email us .

Common Issues

You can find full details regarding Osteopathy on the Osteopathy and our patient information pages of this website. There is also the health zone page which has lots of information that supports and supplements the treatment you may receive at the clinic.


Back Pain Medway kent

Back Pain

60 to 70% of us may suffer with an episode of low back pain at least once in our lives in industrialised countries (WHO). The world health organisation describes low back pain in this context “…the causes of the onset of low back pain remain obscure and diagnosis difficult to make.

Neck Pain Medway Kent

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common occurrence and many of the main neck muscles have their point of attachment at the base of the skull. There are also nerves that supply the head that originate in the upper neck. Because of these connections head pain and headaches are often associated with neck pain.

Sports Injury

We typically examine the whole body because any part of the body can affect onto the next part of the body in its chain. As ever, at Rainham Osteopathic Clinic we focus on prevention rather than cure and can give sports people advice on warm ups and warm downs specific to their individual requirements.

Work Strains And Pains Medway Kent

Work Strains

The human body is designed to move, it is key to our health to do so but our modern lifestyle unfortunately forces us to sit for prolonged periods of time at desks, in cars, even on the sofa at home. This can cause stiffness and other problems in the musculo-skeletal system such as muscle and tendon injuries, slipped discs etc.

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How Much Does Osteopathy Treatment Cost?

Many private health insurance schemes give benefits for Osteopathic treatment. Some will reimburse the total fee that you have paid, some only a percentage. All insurance companies have help lines to explain your benefits and methods of claiming.