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Welcome to the Health Zone. The health zone is information for our patients.

How we live and our experience in life directly affects the body and its ability to provide health. Our genetics have been thought of as the most important factor in our health however over recent years epi-genetic factors are considered to be as and in many case more important to our health. Epi-genetic factors are the things responsible for allowing the genetic factors to either express themselves or not.

Therefore health is from understanding three areas,

Your Biomechanics

Osteopathy can help to maximise your body function but we have to maintain a certain level of fitness otherwise trauma can accumulate and decompensate your body which results in symptoms such as pain. Modern life is sedentary in nature which reduces our underlying fitness and increases our chance of accumulating strain which results in symptoms.

Your Biochemistry

We really are what we eat! The modern diet is full of sugar which we have not been evolved to take in the amount that is in our diet. Modern food processing also has an effect on our health. We have evolved to be hunters and gatherers which means our calorific intake is variable, fast to feast and back again. The modern diet is often feast, feast, feast and this is seen in obesity levels. These facts can have a significant affect on how we feel however we do not pay attention on how our body feels with the diet we intake.

Your emotions/mind

Where is our consciousness? A tricky question which most would answer our head, however what we think and feel has a direct expression through our whole nervous system and our nervous system pervades our entire body. Therefore what we feel affects our whole body and can have a significant affect on our health.

How Much Does Osteopathy Treatment Cost?

Many private health insurance schemes give benefits for Osteopathic treatment. Some will reimburse the total fee that you have paid, some only a percentage. All insurance companies have help lines to explain your benefits and methods of claiming.